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Solution for poor air quality

Having a problem with poor indoor air quality? – the SoundAir CO2 meter visibly displays a flashing red light as soon as the concentration of CO2 in the room gets too high and ventilation is required.


Displaying Air Quality

When a lot of people are gathered in the same room the air quality deteriorates. The effect is often unnoticeable until after a long while, and if sufficient ventilation is not carried out in time then it can lead to drowsiness and reduced concentration and learning capacity. A SoundAir on the wall will reveal the truth about the air quality.

How Soundair works

SoundAir measures the concentration of CO2 in ppm (parts per million) and displays a visible warning as soon as the concentration of CO2 is too high. The recommended level is 1000 ppm.

SoundAir is designed for hanging on a wall and can be preset between 400 – 2000 ppm. 

For more information, please download the Soundair product sheet

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