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SonoCustom Fitted - Premium

SonoCustom Fitted - Premium


  • Custom hearing protection
  • For use in any noisy environment
  • Attenuates harmful noise in factories, workshops etc
  • Suitable for prolonged wear 


Key Features

  • Fitted in minutes on-site for groups of 10 or more
  • Perfect acoustic seal
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Compatible with most radio communication systems



The SonoCustom is the only measurable custom fitted hearing protection system on the market. Although the SonoCustom – Standard eliminates “toxic “noise (above 85dBA) it still allows you to hear conversations, machinery and warning signals (up to 75-80dBA) and as it is a perfect fit it is comfortable for extended wear.

SonoCustom hearing protectors are custom fitted on site for a perfect acoustic seal. Because they are moulded to exactly fit each users ears, they are comfortable to wear for prolonged periods - all day if you need to!

SonoCustom - Premium Service

SonoPass measurement systemUsing SonoPass®, Sonomax's proprietary computer-generated proof-of performance software the noise levels are checked. Custom moulded ear pieces are individually fitted on site to the ear canal, tested and completed on site by Sonomax trained technicians in around 15 minutes. More information about SonoPass® noise measurement. 
 Filters are selected and fitted to relate to the user's noise environment to ensure the correct level of protection. A sound test is carried out inside and outside the ear to check the acoustic seal and ensure the SNR (Signal to Noise Ratio) is around 28dBA, see sample report. The Premium service also provides an employer's report including full computer mode testing documentation, time and date of fitting and PAR (Personal Attenuation Rating) as evidence of the protection being provided to their employees. All tests are carried out to REAT (Real Ear Attenuation Threshold) Gold Standard.

See our standard service where the acoustic seal and the SNR are checked to REAT (Real Ear Attenuation Threshold) Gold Standard but not customised, is also available.

More information about the SonoCustom fitting process.

Sonomax Technologies Inc. and Sonomax UK Limited are dedicated to preventing the incidence of Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) by developing and marketing leading edge hearing protection products and by working to raise public awareness of the unacceptable costs of NIHL.

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Please Note: As this product is custom fitted by a technician there is no shipping charge



Shipping will be charged at cost and will be confirmed on receipt of your order