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Sculpted eers custom earphones - PCS-100

Sculpted eers custom earphones - PCS-100


  • Listen with MP3 players, mobile phones etc
  • Ideal for "active" listening, e.g while exercising
  • Noisy environments - hear what you want to hear

Sound Features (PCS 100)

  • High performance dynamic speakers
  • Hard driving bass enhancement
  • Crisp, detailed, powerful sounds 

    sculpted eers

Sculpted eers custom fit earphones

Do your standard earphones fall out, cause discomfort or give you poor quality sound? sculpted eers custom earplugs are the answer. A new and unique product designed for Performance, Comfort and Safety. 

Our new innovative "Self fit" custom moulded earphones will provide you with a superb fit and sound quality whilst enabling you to listen at a safer level because external (or ambient) noise is blocked. sculpted eers are suitable for MP3 Players, Mobile Phones or Radio Devices with 3.5mm "Jack Plug" fitting.

Performance - create a home theatre inside your head

The secure fit allows you to focus on the music, not your earphones. The acoustic seal isolates the music you want to hear from the noise you don't want to hear, so you can listen safely at a fraction of the volume you were used to. High performance drivers, paired with a custom fit, delivers a totally new listening experience.

Comfort - earplugs that never hurt, never fall out

Ears are more distinctive than fingerprints - one size doesn't fit all, so these earplugs are custom moulded just for you. Your eers will never fall out - the custom fit locks the plug in place and the earhook provides added security. No discomfort, no pressure points - a perfect fit!

Safety - protect your hearing without compromising sound!

SonoFit™ technology creates a perfect seal, with protection from outside noise. The custom moulded earplug is created from medical grade silicone, which is completely sealed within the plug.


Sculpted eers are provided with everything you’ll need to use and activate the SonoFit™ fitting system

3 steps to custom moulded earphones

Create your custom moulded earplugs in 3 easy steps

See the sculpted eers fitting video here >>>>>



PCS-100 specification

Sensitivity: 103dB SPL / 100 mVrms @ 1kHz  
Maximum output level: 115dB SPL  
Frequency Response: 18Hz - 16kHz  
Warranty: 1 year  
You may also be interested in the Premium PCS-200  


High Performance dynamic speakers

Single driver with hard driving bass enhancement

Crisp, detailed, powerful sound to take on the toughest everyday challenges



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