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Simple 2-Way Communication

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Noise hinders effective communication and noisy environments make it difficult for a person to hear and be heard. Use of com­munication devices like two-way radios in these environments, fur­ther decreases the chance that a clear message can be sent or re­ceived.
Noise is not only inconvenient, it is also dangerous. Ex­tended exposure to loud noise can permanently damage hearing, but trying to compensate by overprotecting with ear plugs can prevent the user from hearing im­portant warning signals or messages.

Image shows SonoComm 2 with a Motorola GP340


Sonomax now offers a solution to all of these concerns with the revolutionary SonoCOMM2.

SonoComm2 example images

How the SonoComm2 works

The SonoCOMM2 innovates the two-way radio push-to-talk system, by pairing it with Sonomax's custom-fit earpiece embedded with a compact microphone-receiver combination. Incoming radio messages are relayed directly into the user's ear, so they are not distorted by sur­rounding noise. Outgoing spoken messages travel via the earpiece, through a natural canal connecting the ear to the mouth, allowing the message to bypass surrounding noise and avoiding the need for a separate voice microphone.
The SonoCustom® earpieces are comprised of soft medical grade silicone that can be custom-fit to the user's ear in minutes. Custom-fitting assures that sound does not leak out of the ear and that communications re­mains clear.

The SonoCOMM2 wire is worn over the ear so it does not interfere with day-to-day activities. The wires can be shared between users who need the SonoCOMM2 at different times, as long as each user has his or her own custom-fit earpieces.

The SonoCOMM2 sends a clear message: it is a revolutionary combination of com­munication and hearing protection.

SonoCOMM2 is also available for connection to Motorola and Sepura Airwave/TETRA system portable radios. Please contact us for details and pricing of "on site" fitting at your site/station.

For more information download the SonoComm2 datasheet

Price includes on site fitting, custom moulded earpiece. 

Please Note: As this product is custom fitted by a technician there is no shipping charge

£406.80 (Plus Shipping)

Shipping will be charged at cost and will be confirmed on receipt of your order